You Know You’re A Bird Owner When….

So today I was going around on the social networking sites and forums, checking up on the latest buzz in the bird world. As my Facebook and Twitter was suddenly seemingly overrun with bird related posts, group updates, friend requests, and ‘likes’, it made me think.

You know you’re a bird owner when:

  • You follow accounts made by humans, for their birds, on Twitter
  • You like more bird related fan pages on Facebook then anything else
  • You have your vet saved in your phone, but not your physician
  • Someone appears horrified at the fact that your green cheek conure just pooped, and you laugh: “You should see my cockatoo!”
  • Cooking for your birds is a must, but cooking for yourself is not in the cards
  • Speaking of cooking… you know you’re a bird person when you have 5 bird cookbooks, a notebook full of birdie bread recipes you found online, and one cookbook for yourself
  • You think taking a walk with your bird is a perfectly normal thing to do
  • Someone comes over to your house and mistakes bird food for human food. (I really had that happen once. They thought the food was a really nice granola trail mix. It was organic treat mix a friend had sent me for my caiques)
  • Your bird has a Facebook account, and has more birdie friends then you do
  • You think birds are easier to handle then kids, because its not kosher to put kids in cages when they are misbehaving ;)
  • You’d rather get birdie droppings on your hand, instead of your clothes or carpet, because hands are easier to wash
  • You have photos of your bird(s) in your phone, but no photos of your significant other
  • People sometimes think you have kids, since you talk so much about your birds (Today, Higgins decided to do the cutest thing…)
  • Instead of shredding your documents, you automatically feed them into the bird cage instead
  • You can’t stand loud music, but a screaming cockatoo doesn’t phase you
  • It is completely acceptable to have containers of seed and pellets in the house, while the only food you have is a dwindling supply of Top Ramen
  • You are moving, and must have an extra bedroom. Why? So your bird(s) can have a room, too
  • You watch Spongebob, Dora the Explorer, and Blue’s Clues because your bird likes those shows
  • A fun Saturday night is one where your bird doesn’t scream while you are watching a movie

…. and I know there are plenty more like that! Do you have a ‘you know you’re a bird owner when….’? Leave it in the comments and I’ll add it to the list!


Emily June 2, 2011 Bird Jokes, Blog, The Birds