The Nest Box

When traveling, it is a habit of mine to hop on a computer and see if there is a bird specialty store in the area I am traveling to or from. When visiting Charleston South Carolina last week, I stopped by a store I had found online called The Nest Box. The Nest Box is located outside of Charleston in Summerville – only about a 20 minute drive. The store was extremely easy to get to – right off the of the main road. Parking was decent, and the sign for the storefront was easy to spot.   Upon walking into the store, my expectations were met – and even exceeded.

As a bird owner, you get used to typical bird mess. Its easy to discern what is one days worth of food scattered on the floor, vs a weeks worth. The Nest Box was one of the cleanest stores I have ever been in. All of the cages were immaculate, there was no food strewn about the floor, or dust on the cages. While the birds and the merchandise shared the same area, the majority of the merchandise – items that were not in packages – were located on the opposite end of the store. 
There were a number of birds for sale – parrotlets, blue and gold macaws, a blue throat macaw, cockatiels, and more. The one thing I really liked was a dedicated baby bird room – the birds that were still being handfed were in their own area within the store. Large glass windows allowed you to look and enjoy the babies, but you could not have physical contact with them. I really like seeing a store implement this concept, as a lot of the time babies are in brooders lined up against the wall, where the general public (and kids who may not know any better) can tap on the brooder or reach in and pet the birds.

I was snapping a few photos on my cell phone for the purpose of blogging them later. The owner of the store – Bob – came up and pleasantly asked me if I was from another store (I wasn’t aware that there was another one in the area). I really appreciated the fact that he simply had approached me to inquire that if I was from a competitor, would I care to tell him what products I was pricing, so he could re-examine his prices as well. After assuring him I was from out of
town and was not snapping photos to compare prices elsewhere, I was glad to be able to talk with him for a few minutes. I explained what I was in town for (making CHOP with Patricia Sund), and we had a great discussion. I was extremely impressed with his willingness to sit and chat. While I was trying to explain about CHOP, we got into a friendly discussion about buying birds adopting birds. I told Bob that while I fully support the efforts of rescues, and have some of my rescue birds at home – I believe that there are some awesome people out there well fit to have a bird – just not a bird that carries a lot of emotional baggage due to being rehomed. We got into an interesting and lighthearted discussion about the importance of good breeders, and I really enjoyed the fact that we were on the same wavelength.

I make a point to support local businesses, so while I was there I purchased some items. I got an awesome round swing for my caique, and some cups that I plan on using as foraging cups. The prices were extremely reasonable.

If you are in the Charleston area of South Carolina, I highly recommend going to The Nest Box. They are on Facebook too – here is a link. 



Emily April 7, 2012 Blog, Featured, Parrot Products, The Birds