Sponsor a Caique

As you all may or may not know, caiques are near and dear to my heart. I love the little troublemakers!

The CaiqueForum.com is helping to sponsor a white bellied (yellow thigh) caique named Sprite who resides at Best Friends Sanctuary. The sanctuary is located in Kanab, Utah, and is acres upon acres of rescued animals. Some of the animals are taken in, evaluated, and adopted out, while others remain at Best Friends Sanctuary for the rest of their natural life. Parrot Garden is the part of the sanctuary that is dedicated solely to the care of the parrots they take in.

Sprite is a caique who came to the sanctuary in 2008. She was rescued from a pet store in 1999, where she was housed right next to a large snake. The kind person that rescued her took her into his home, where she happily lived for almost 10 years. Unfortunately, her owners failing health made it critical for him to rehome some of his birds, so Sprite was brought to Best Friends.

During her first year at Best Friends, Sprite experienced some serious medical issues, resulting in surgery. Best Friends consulted with Brian Speer in California to make sure that Sprite had the best avian medical care available. Thanks to the hard work of the vet and the sanctuary, Sprite is a happy and healthy bird – but still has some issues that don’t allow her to digest her food like she should. As a result, Sprite is in her forever home at the sanctuary, where the staff on hand knows how to make her life as easy and vet free as possible! You can read the full story of Sprite in her online journal.

The Caique Community wants to help Sprite out and thank Best Friends for their hard work at keeping Sprite healthy and happy. Sprite is on the Sanctuarys page as an animal to be sponsored, so caique enthusiasts and parrot lovers are pooling their funds to send in a large collective donation. Here is the email that was sent out:

Hey guys -[from the caiquecrazy.com and caiqueforum.com administrator]

in 2008, the forum as a collective unit sponsored a pair of White bellied caiques at the Gabriel Foundation. We sponsored them until they were adopted, at which point the money leftover from our donation was re-allocated to other birds at The Gabriel Foundation as they saw fit. (http://caiquecrazy.com/community/gabriel-caiques )

I was browsing the site of Best Friends Sanctuary, a large nonprofit out in Utah that has a part of their sanctuary that they referr to as Parrot Garden, that deals specifically with parrots. On their list of 18 birds that currently needs sponsorship, I found Sprite, a little female WBC. You can see her on this page -https://www.bestfriends.org/donate/list.cfm?action=page&page=2 (scroll about halfway down)

As a caique community I feel it is important for us to support caiques in need, and organizations that encourage research on caiques and psittacines in general.

I would like to collect a donation for Sprite. There is no minimum amount required, so whatever we can draw together will be great. Let me outline the way this will be conducted, as it was very successful previously.

Send money to me via paypal. My paypal is caiquecrazyforum@gmail.com Be sure to mark any funds you send as ‘For Sprite’. I’ll keep a running tally on the board to show how much we have collected. Once all the funds are in, I will send the money to Best Friends for Sprite via their donation page and mark the donation as from ‘Caique Crazy Forums’. Generally there are thank you letters along with a tax ID number sent so that everyone can mark it off on taxes. The letter and ID number will be posted on the forum so everyone can use their contribution as a tax deduction.

Here is another link with information about Sprite, who has battled some serious health issues during her time at Best Friends. http://www.bestfriends.org/guardianangel/index.cfm?csid=4700&csii=4704&csit=Set&entry=36B89E49-06C8-A3E9-0D94D54632E44DB2

Thanks, and lets help Sprite!

Are you interested in helping out this beautiful little bird? If so, send your donation, clearly marked ‘Sprite’ to caiquecrazyforum@gmail.com – you will be notified when the donation is given, how much money was collected, and more as this progresses.


Emily June 16, 2011 Blog, Caiques, The Birds