June 2012 Bird Talk

If you don’t already subscribe to Bird Talk magazine, or have your copy of the June 2012 edition… go to your local pet store and pick up a copy right now. I’ll love you forever if you do.

Why, you ask?

The feature story is written by yours truly! I had a blast writing it, and was truly honored when I opened my email one day and had a request from one of the Bird Talk Editors, asking if I could write this feature. Not only do I love writing (although I do need to force myself to make time to write and blog more often), I love caiques!

Thanks to my friend Lisa Bono for helping me edit my piece, and another shout out to my awesome birds who kept quiet long enough for me to furiously type out the 2,000 word monstrosity on my computer. I also submitted some pictures of my Higgins along with the article, and was thrilled to open it and see that my lovely boy was not only in there once, but three times! I showed him the article, and I feel like it might be going to his little birdie brain… Rosie on the other hand, was grumbling that she didn’t get any of her photos published. I tried to tell her that looking like a plucked chicken does not get you anywhere, but she gave me that crazy red caique eye and went right back to preening the few feathers she has left.

I’d like to give a shout out to all of the awesome caique fans that gave me soundbytes for the article – Caique Forum members, you rock!

Have you read the article? If so, any feedback you have is appreciated! If you haven’t read the article – go get yourself a copy today!


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