Happy 7th Anniversary Caique Forum!

Exactly 7 years ago today, I launched CaiqueForum.com, then known as Caique Crazy Forums. Using a free online forum service, I gathered a small community of caique lovers like myself, to do what us bird owners like to do best – talk about our birds.

Since then, the forum has undergone many changes and upgrades. Its weathered the natural ebb and flow of the internet, technological difficulties, and user spats. One thing that makes this community different? We’ve survived, and flourished! Throughout our time online, CaiqueForum has not only existed online, but has reached out to help others in the caique community. We adopted Sabrina and Sebastian, a white bellied caique pair at The Gabriel Foundation. We also sponsored Sprite, a white bellied caique at Best Friends Sanctuary.

Lately we’ve been kicking around the idea of donating parrot books to local libraries. I’m proud of my caique community, who has not only supported each other, but others in the bird world as well! The forum is member driven – it was the members who pooled their money to buy the software to give our forum a permanent home, and it is the members who continue to keep the forum going strong.

I just wanted to thank everyone for a terrific 7 years, and here is to hoping for 7 more!


Emily March 22, 2012 Blog, Caiques, The Birds