AFA 2013 – Keeping Up With Caiques

I am very excited to announce that I was chosen as a speaker for this years American Federation of Aviculture Convention. It is happening August 7-10th right in my backyard – Raleigh, NC! Ok not literally in my backyard, more like 4 hours away, but still. The topic I will be speaking on? ‘Keeping Up With Caiques’ an overview of caiques as pets, their impact on aviculture, mutations, behavior, and more.

If you have never been to an AFA convention, I highly recommend you attend one at least once. It is 3 days of birds, speakers, education, and fun. The speaker lineup includes Dr. Greg Burkett, Kashmir Csaky, Irena Shulz, Robin Shewokis, Adrianne Mock, and more. Needless to say, the thought of speaking alongside these awesome people has me shaking in my boots. 

CITES28sqtnIn addition to the lectures, there is a Junior Avian Workshop, a Legislative Workshop, a Lory League Hookbill show, and more! There is also a vendor hall where you can peruse the latest and greatest avian parrotphernalia, and schmooze with your friends. Each year AFA releases a CITES pin, and 2013′s pin is the black headed caique. How appropriate – I’ve already got mine!

So my caique and bird loving friends, come and listen to me speak (or make fun of me freezing in terror when I look into the crowd – whatever floats your boat), hobnob with your other birdie pals, and enjoy the beautiful state that is North Carolina! I hope to see you there.


Emily April 24, 2013 Caiques, Published Articles, The Birds