Angus the Eclectus Returned to Owner

It was brought to my attention earlier this week that Angus the Hi-Speed Eclectus was returned to his owner.

“”The case involving the highly publicised “Angus the eclectus parrot” was resolved today in Frankston Magistrates Court. For the past three months, RSPCA Victoria Inspectors have been working tirelessly on this case, and were outraged when footage of Angus on a windshield of a car at high speeds surfaced on youtube in late March. Angus’s owner was represented in court today with a reference from a local wildlife carer. Despite the RSPCA’s firm wishes for Angus to remain in our care, the Magistrate’s decision today has ordered for Angus to be returned to his owner. His owner also pled guilty to animal cruelty charges and was placed on a good behaviour bond and ordered to pay costs of $250 to the RSPCA. The RSPCA is disappointed with the outcome of this case. We sincerely hope an incident of this nature does not occur again, and serves as a reminder that responsible pet ownership is of utmost importance.” – as posted by the RSPCA on Facebook.

An Australia called the ACA has a video detailing the event, and the RSPCA’s reaction to this event.

Personally I am extremely disappointed in the outcome of this event – even after Lawther pleaded guilty, the bird was still returned to him.


Emily July 6, 2011 Bird News, Blog, Eclectus, The Birds