The Birds



Higgins is a ten year old male blackheaded caique, that I have had since he was 3 years old. He was rehomed to me 7 years ago. This poor boy has somewhat of a bad reputation – he came with the nickname ‘Satan’. He loves me fiercely and I can do everything short of juggle him (although on second thought, he probably would let me do that as well), but newcomers beware. He is my birdie equivalent of a watchdog. His favorite phrase is ‘Higgins here, watch out, the birdies out!’, which he proudly announces whenever he gets out of his cage for playtime.


Rosie is a 12 year old female black headed caique. She goes by the nickname ‘Goober’ because she is such a high maintenance, well loved little brat. She has been with me for 5 years, and was rehomed to me due to her severe feather plucking issues. Today she still resembles a little rotisserie chicken, but despite her odd looks, she is the life of the party. Rosie and Higgins are the dynamic duo, and are also loving referred to as team ‘Search and Destroy’.


Marlee is a year old pineapple mutation green cheek conure. She is a cheeky little bird that I purchased at a young age from a wonderful local breeder. She lives up to the greencheek reputation of being cheeky (and nippy). She loves playing with toys, and loves nothing more then to sit on my shoulder, and wander around my desk to explore at her leisure.


Frankie is a black capped conure that my husband and I adopted right after we got married. We got him as a buddy for my green cheek conure Marlee. Frankie is your typical clutzy young bird. He plays hard and can’t grow a tail – every time he grows in a long feather, he snaps it while playing! Frankie and Marlee are double trouble, and room together in their conure casa.


Tooie is a 15 year old male molluccan cockatoo that I acquired this year. He has a sad background story: he was a breeder bird, and the irresponsible person that was breeding him decided to get out of the bird business. Instead of placing his birds with other breeders, he simply stopped feeding all the birds in his care. By the time the ASPCA got wind of the situation, 16 birds were dead. Tooie’s mate was found dead in the pen, and Tooie was a wreck. He was taken in by a great couple who worked with him for two years, and slowly gained his trust. Tooie is an extremely sensitive bird, and is the most timid cockatoo I’ve ever dealt with. However he is a gentle giant and loves nothing more then to be snuggled.


Lucky is a female blue and gold macaw that was given to us by a neighbor who lost their house and could no longer care for her. She loves to be kissed, and will press her cheek up against your face to receive kisses. She is a woodchuck, and loves to hear what a pretty bird she is. On occasion, normally during halloween, she is a good sport and goes around as part of my pirate ensemble (always a crowd pleaser!)


Max is a timneh grey that used to room with Lucky – they came as a package deal. She is a great sound affects bird – she doesn’t do much talking, other then to tell you to ‘stop!’ if you are annoying her, but she whistles, burps, farts, and a variety of other amusing noises. Her name is short for Maxwell, as she was named after the popular coffee brand, upon her discovering that she can perfectly imitate a coffee maker.


Pickle is a male eclectus that my husband adopted while we were dating. He was formerly owned by a good friend of mine who had to rehome him due to some life situations. My then-boyfriend was really wanting a parrot of his own, so it worked out perfectly. Pickle is a sound affects bird like Max – he loves making various video game noises, and occasionally calls out a ‘Hello’. He is flighted, but not yet a very skillfull flyer, so its not uncommon to be accidentally dive bombed by an uncoordinated green parrot while trying to relax on the couch watching a movie.


Buddy is probably the sweetest blue fronted amazon you’ve ever met – no joke. She is a six year old female, and boy does she talk up a storm! Contrary to popular amazon folklore, she is probably one of the gentlest birds I’ve ever handled. She talks better then most of the birds in the house, although she is a closet talker – she only likes talking when she thinks you can’t see her. Buddy hangs out with my mom’s birds, an eclectus named Kiwi and a cockatoo named Molly.