Angry Birds: Rio

For those not familiar with the Angry Birds App – let me give an overview:

Angry Birds is a popular game built for smart devices, eg iphone, ipod touch, ipad, and droid phones. It is a vastly entertaining game that becomes quickly addicting. The original game has over 45 levels, where you use a sling shot and a bit of physics to launch a number of birds (each bird has a different ability), into structures in hopes they topple over and crush your enemy- the green pigs. As the story goes, the birds are angry because the green pigs stole their eggs, so to recover the lost eggs, all pigs in all the levels must be destroyed. Sounds a little wacky, huh? However, Angry Birds proves itself, garnering over 1 million downloads in 1 day.

Angry Birds: Rio was just released, drawing in the elements of the upcoming animated parrot movie, Rio. Instead of crushing green pigs, you are  smashing structures in order to free caged birds (eventually leading up to main characters from the film). Like the original edition, Angry Birds Rio features hours of gameplay, with 45 levels, and more to be added soon, all with unique twists based on the highly anticipated film.

Watch the trailer, and get the app for your phone or tablet device now.




Emily March 23, 2011 Blog, Technology