First Attempt at Couponing

So I’ve recently been reading up on money saving techniques, and vowed to start using coupons to save money at the register. Today was my first official ‘tried-and-true’ attempt, and I am pretty happy with the results!

I generally never shop at stores like RiteAid, because they are too expensive. However I keep hearing that if you shop their sales and use coupons, you can get the items you want for extremely cheap. Today I found that to be true! I looked at for their weekly circulars that listed the sales for the store in my area. They are having a fantastic sale on vitamins, which is perfect since I need to stock up again anyway. The sale is on NatureMade vitamin products, so I went to the NatureMade website and found out that wow – they have some $1 off printable coupons that I can use.

I picked up 4 bottles of vitamins ranging in price from $12-$19 dollars apiece. I got two bottles of vitamins free, at $11 and $12 values respectively. Then I used my $1 printed coupon at the register, for a total savings of $25. I ended up paying roughly $7.50 per bottle, with my most expensive bottle retailing normally for almost $20.

When I got home I went online and once again logged into Previously while I was browsing the site for coupons, I found out they have an incentive program. If you create a free account, and then enter Wellness Code on each bottle of NatureMade products, you get a certain amount of points per redemption. After you have so many points, you can cash your points in for prizes. Some of the prizes are mediocre, but one of them is a $7 off coupon on any NatureMade item, redeemable anywhere.

After entering in the codes, I now have a whopping 360 reward points, halfway to that $7 coupon. Oh, and the best part? With my RiteAid Rewards card, I not only got BOGO on the vitamins, but I earned a point for every dollar spent. Once you have 125 points, you get 10% your entire purchase. When shopping sales, you sometimes also get items that are worth extra ‘+points’ as RiteAid calls them. So you don’t have to really spend $125 to get %10 off.

Not to mention, if you shop with credit cards to earn rewards (I shop using my only rewards based credit card and pay it off each month) you can get additional perks. With my particular card, I get 1-2% cashback for each purchase, and this month is an additional %5 cashback reward on grocery and drug store purchases up to $500.

I feel like my first time planning ahead and couponing was a great success!



Emily June 9, 2011 Blog, Frugal shopping, Non-bird