The birth of The Roaming Parrot

Anyone who knows me, knows I am passionate about parrots. I am passionate about their health and welfare, and doing the best we can for keeping parrots as pets. I’ve been working with bird rescues for a long time – since I was about 15 years old. There is so much disconnect in the avian world, it makes it difficult for everyone. The general public doesn’t have easy access to info about bird rescues and sanctuaries, and what information they have is put out by the organizations themselves. Unfortunately we’ve been running into a number of situations where the information available about the organization, is largely inflated and gives false or misleading information.

I had an idea that hatched and is morphing into a huge project that I am confident will be of tremendous value to the avian community. This project is called The Roaming Parrot.

The immediate goal and mission of The Roaming Parrot (TRP) is simple and basic. We are trying to learn and document as much as we can about the dire needs facing our Avian Community.   We are not claiming to be an official agency of any sort.  Data collected will be used to aid and facilitate in areas of rescue, sanctuary and re-homing.  Our hope is to unify the community, not create a bigger divide. Information collected will be used to develop further recommendations for unified standards as well as to facilitate and disseminate data, sources, and “best practices”. This is NOT a mission taken lightly. No one associated with this group wants to tear down anyone that looks to help the Avian community.

As this is a new venture we are still exploring the most effective and efficient manner in which to operate. Any monies collected in connection with this venture will be accounted for accordingly. We are still in our infancy, and welcome comments and suggestions.
If this venture is not palatable for any individual or group, that is your personal choice. Someone needs to start this process and we have elected to do so. We know we will not have everyone’s support, but we ask for your professionalism before throwing negative comments before we have made our first venture.

We are NOT developing a rating system. We are looking to locate Rescues, Sanctuaries and Re-home groups and provide information to be used in a number of ways:

1.  To learn where these entities are(location), what their “legal” status is (i.e. 501C3, local and or federal regulations they fall under).

2. What are their operating practices?  Do they vet intakes, quarantine, nutrition practices, number and types of parrots, adoption policies and procedures, current contact information. What is the current ratio of caregivers to parrots, etc.

3. Is there a program in place to make life provisions for our parrots when the need arises?

4. Are these entities willing to participate in a registry that would expedite rescue and re-homing needs?

5. Allow for gathering of “Best Practices” so all can benefit.

6. Provide data to allow the development of lobbying efforts to assist in the education of the population concerning the needs within the avian community.

7. Maintain as best we can where availability is when urgent rescue and re-home needs arise. This should allow a faster, efficient manner to get the ball rolling when such situations arise.

No entity will be visited that does not wish to participate.

As a united group we will be able to gather and disseminate information that is, at best, hit or miss at this time.

We have no hidden agenda. This mission and participating FB page will NOT allow or participate in the “bashing” of any group or entity.

We hope this clarifies who and what we are. Goals and missions will change as we learn and grow, but those changes will be made public. “We” is myself, Emily, and two friends, Janet Bray of BirdBrained Gifts, and Janet Holt Hilton, who are serving as my sounding board, advisers  PR, and mentors. It will be myself, and travel buddy Jessi who will actually physically make the trip and be documenting what we find.

This trip and mission is a huge undertaking, and I am overwhelmed with the support we are already receiving. Have any questions or concerns? Post it in the comments section below.


Emily February 7, 2013 Blog, The Roaming Parrot