I’m a bird crazy person that currently shares my home with 6 parrots. I’ve successfully converted some friends and family into crazy bird people as well, so you will often hear about my birds, along with the 4 parrots that my mom lives with, and the two birds that are my boyfriends. With so many birds, there is never a dull moment!

I’ve owned birds since I was a teenager, and became involved in a local bird club that did bird rescue. Through that club was how I acquired my two black headed caiques, and my passion for rehomed parrots. I’m dedicated to learning everything I can about parrots as pets, and I have a special interest in caiques. I operate two sites related to caiques: www.caiquecrazy.com and www.caiqueforum.com.

If you are active in the bird world, you will probably find me on the web within the avian community – I am active on several bird forums and websites. I’m certified with the AFA as a level one aviculturist, and certified through PIJAC as an avian specialist.

I’m a web geek, and run my own web development business called Amazon Art & Design. So if you have any sort of web needs, stop on by and give me a shout out. Not only do I like birds and computers, but I am a huge bookworm and read anything I can get my hands on. In my spare time, I also enjoy playing with power tools, exploring the town that I live in, and practicing photography.